Srs logistic in East Africa




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This website will help you to find secondhand trucks, Diggermachine and

loadingmachine even truck tails and trailerwagons.Becuase of small website

space is the selections not so large I would like. One indication of that is all

truck on this site is right hand drive. Have you other desires you can allways send

me a mail and describe what you want to buy. I will allways do my best to find

what you looking for and give you a prize of the object. My imagination is to

create better logistic and more effetiv transports in East Africa. That will be more

jobs, becuase the hualage companies will expand. It will be less crime and

give people a hope of future. becuase the logostic is the hart of the country´s

infrasructure and if it works there will be ecinomic growth.























I have contacts in England and can do a good prize for you and I deal with the seller. If you feel the prize of the object is good and you are intressting to buy. You must get moeny to the object and shiping cost around . 500.000 kes This moeney shoud be in a international bank account. So a banktransaction works between exampel Kenya to England. After that I order a flight ticket for you and I meet you in England. We goes to a hotel and day 2 we goes to the truck seller and you can see the truck. If you think its worth the prize you make the moeny tranasction to the seller. When the seller got the moeny we drive the truck to the port and I help you with all documents and pay the shipping cost to Kenya. After that you take the flight back to Kenya. When the truck or machine have arrived you pay custom and regestration cost in Mombasa. Now you can work with your truck or machine. If you not feel it is no objects witch is good enough so you return to Kenya without to do a deal it cost you 200.000 kes. so you cant go to England if you not are realy intrested. But I will give you so much information and maby I can show you more objects so you have more to chose from. But before you go to England we have talk a lot of times in phone and mail eachother and give you all inforation you need for do a right decision

Clik here what you intrested of


used trucks

used diggermachine


contact information


Hallo my name is Nicke I have 25 eyars Experians of hualage companies. l live in Sweden north of Europe. That means its much expansive to dial a call to me with phone. I recomand to contact me in E-mail. Im sorry l don´t speak Swahili but English works well. If you want have contact you can always reach me by phone or E-mail.


phone number +46 70 540 38 87